Innovation and digitalization at the service of Renewable Energy Sources

The energy and digital transitions go hand in hand. That is why we are embracing the digitalization of renewable energy sources, by applying innovative solutions in operation and maintenance control. We are therefore proud of the fact we have the most innovative and state-of-the-art Control & Monitoring Room in the Greek RES (Renewable Energy Sources) sector, as it enables monitoring and remote management of our projects.

Through the Control & Monitoring Room, our Company’s engineers and data analysts can remotely control the projects as well as identify and restore immediately, and in real time, any damage that may occur, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At the same time, they leverage a vast database and develop technical analyses and algorithms that support the maintenance team in continuously improving project performance.

Technology and digital solutions at the service of sustainable development and RES projects

The automation of our processes and operations is enhanced by digital solutions and tools. These include:

  • The use of drones: Inspection of a power generation facility via drones helps improve the efficiency of O&M activities, making them faster and less expensive. This is a valuable type of technology for the energy sector that facilitates inspection procedures.
  • “Smart glasses”: They can provide remote support to the operator during maintenance work.
  • The “virtual visit”: In this way, any interested party can interact with experts for clarifications on technical questions regarding the subject of the visit or the operation of the projects in general. This replaces traditional site visits to RES plants.

Sustainable practices that respect local ecosystems

Throughout our activities, we always make a point of adopting sustainable practices, for the maximum performance of our projects, while giving back to the local communities in the areas where we operate.

A typical example is the management of grass growth in our projects through sheep grazing. This is a revolutionary practice which fully respects the local ecosystem and community, and we have adopted it at numerous solar plants, in areas where vegetation growth is continuous.

The main advantages of this practice are that it significantly reduces PV panel damage and operating costs, while preventing production losses. At the same time, the benefits are reflected in the local community and environment, as the photovoltaic plants become a natural fire protection zone. These projects are also an ideal and sustainable solution when there aren’t sufficient pastures in the area. The cost of periodic grass cutting is minimized, and the natural growth of vegetation is maximized for the benefit of the local community.

We constantly seek to innovate by making use of digital solutions and new technologies. In this way, we show our commitment to a sustainable model based on initiatives that benefit the residents and the ecosystem in the areas where we operate.