Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

The integration of diversity and equal opportunities play a key role in shaping a modern and fair work environment. For us, our people are our energy, while respecting diversity and ensuring equality are core values that characterize our every activity. Each of us makes a unique contribution to our “green” vision, in order to achieve our common goal: the energy transition.

In this context, we designated the 2022 – 2023 season as the season for Diversity and Inclusion. In order to promote the message of equality, we have implemented a series of awareness initiatives which highlight the importance of diversity.

Inclusion in the workplace

Reaffirming our commitment to creating a diverse work environment that fosters a culture of inclusion, we became the first Renewable Energy Company in Greece to sign the European Union Diversity Charter, in June 2022. This confirms our support to all types of diversity and inclusion, based on four pillars: zero discrimination, equal opportunities, an inclusive workplace and respect for the balance between professional and personal life.

Since the signing of the Charter, various actions were organized that contributed to the promotion of our values.

In order to enhance mental health and improve everyday life, we launched the innovative program Break the Stigma, for all our employees. It is an initiative that raises awareness on mental health issues and aims to combat social stigma due to negative or unfair beliefs, which derive from prejudice and stereotypes. The initiative received a Gold award in the category “Best Mental Health Initiatives” of the HR Awards 2022.

In the same awards, our School of Parents program also received a distinction. With this initiative, we support working parents in the balance between work and time with their family. Through educational seminars, the program examines issues that parents often face and seeks to guide them, so that they can face the challenges of parenthood, while providing mental health support with the participation of specialized professionals.

Additionally, we organized a theatrical performance about Uniqueness, based on the difficulties faced by members of the LGBTQ community in their work environment and everyday life. The show was created especially for our company by Project Parenting and its aim was to eliminate prejudice, stereotypes and the stigma of being “different”, presenting experiential scenarios and encouraging open dialogue on important social issues.

An equal society

For us, equal access of people with disabilities to all aspects of daily social and economic life, is a fundamental right in modern society. That’s why we’re proud to be part of “Valuable 500,” a global community of 500 private companies committed to supporting the empowerment of people with disabilities. In this context, since 2021 we have been supporting the disabled table tennis athlete, George Mouchthis, in his effort to qualify for the Paralympic Games of Paris 2024.

Diversity & Inclusion

Another initiative was our seminar on “Invisible Disability: Autism Spectrum” with speaker Dimitris Papanikolaou, former international basketball player and Autism Awareness Motivator. Through the seminar, we highlighted the need for every socially responsible company to adopt the values of inclusion and respect for diversity and incorporate them into its business practice.

Diversity & Inclusion

A highlight of our Diversity Season was the call to Group employees worldwide to take part in the Athens Authentic Marathon. A team consisting of 14 representatives of the company from 12 different countries of the world (USA, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, India, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Romania, Italy) traveled last November to Athens, the city where it all began, creating the largest “green” running team. At the same time, more than 80 employees from Greece ran in the 5km race, supporting their colleagues.

Gender equality in focus

For Women’s Day, we organized a special event in our offices, with three special women: Georgia Kaltsi, Peggy Tsouropli and Filia Mitromara. Our guests talked with our female employees about women’s empowerment, against discrimination, social pressure and life challenges, managing to set important goals and achieving them.

Finally, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science was an opportunity to welcome beneficiaries of EXELIXI ZOIS, an organization dedicated to helping children living in child protection institutions and contributing to their development, so that they become self-reliant and active members of society. During their visit to our offices, high school seniors and newcomers to the labor market toured the facilities and learned more about renewable energy. They also met with some of our female executives and engineers to discuss the wide professional opportunities offered by the energy and technology sector, always through the prism of equality and removing barriers to the participation of more women in the field.

Ongoing efforts

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2023, In order to further enhance its focus on equality for everyone, and to create awareness of this important social issue, we invited Chrysella Lagaria, Angelos Pentaris and Christiana Tambouratzi to our offices in Athens for a frank and open discussion about the lives of persons with disabilities. The three speakers at the event talked about their personal stories and the challenges they face in their daily lives.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our efforts to promote diversity and equality in the workplace continue. We remain committed to supporting and implementing initiatives that contribute to an open society, without discrimination and restrictions, which is the cornerstone towards a fair, green transition.