Gold distinction for “Be the Hero”

We were distinguished at the PR Awards 2024, highlighting once again our commitment to a model of sustainable development of local communities.

Principia was honored with the Gold Award in the category "Internal Communications & Employee Engagement" at the 2024 PR Awards. The company was distinguished for the implementation of the integrated corporate volunteering program "Be the Hero", which places employees and the fundamental principle of social contribution at the center of our activities.

The "Be the Hero" program

Based on our commitment to creating value, the program, implemented since September 2022, aims to create a positive impact on local communities and the environment and inspire a sense of social responsibility in our people.

In this context, the "Be the Hero" program encourages employees to become the everyday heroes that local communities need, and to discover the value that social contribution and solidarity can offer, through simple daily acts of volunteering.

Our activities

According to Harvard Business Review, research shows that volunteering has a more pronounced effect on participants when they feel that the time they spend and the effort they put in, contribute to tackling a problem. "Be the Hero" encourages personal, tangible contribution, in conditions where volunteers come into immediate contact with the issue and can help, both individually and in groups, in a direct and meaningful way.

Thus, we launched our initiatives in September 2022, preparing and distributing 1,000 portions of food to homeless people in the center of Athens. Our actions continued with the volunteering cleaning in Parnitha and Vravrona, collecting thousands of liters of waste.

We also supported the Chatzipaterio Center for Rehabilitation & Support of Children and organized voluntary blood donation for our employees. At the same time, faithful to our commitment to social contribution, every Christmas, we stand by vulnerable fellow citizens, in the areas where we operate, delivering food and necessities to institutions and organizations throughout Greece.

Rewarding effort

For the implementation of the program and the creation of value for local communities, we created our own voluntary loyalty program, which rewards with additional incentives the activation and participation of employees in volunteering actions. Through actions such as attendance stickers, the possibility of shorter working hours on the day of volunteering, the personal "loyalty degree" and the annual event for "Local Heroes", we have secured not only a high participation rate, but also a large number of employees who would like to participate in these actions together with their family and friends.

Impact on society and the environment

"Be the Hero" is practical proof of the company's systematic investment in corporate responsibility and creating a positive impact on society. With a presence in 26 prefectures of the country and supporting cultural, social and sports initiatives annually in local communities where we operate, we respond to the needs of social groups and demonstrate our commitment to prosperity and sustainable development.

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